Tap into ease

Working together

Personal sessions are at the heart of what I do. We can get really specific and make lasting change, fast.

I don’t underestimate how daunting this might feel.

I remember feeling that if I opened the emotional box then I’d never be able to close it.

But tapping was a revelation.

It is fast, gentle and has a huge impact.

The steps to living with more ease

Intro chat

We start with an intro chat which is usually around 20 mins.

You can share your journey so far, find out a bit more about tapping and how we might work together.

You want to make sure you work with the right person, so let’s find out!

Shift into ease

Following the intro chat, I offer a series of three sessions to new clients. This gives us the space to fully explore what’s going on for you and reach some big shifts in how you are feeling.

Usually over 3-6 weeks, we’ll meet on Zoom for 3x 1h30 sessions. 

Between sessions you can expect me to check in to see how you are doing and with a reminder of the positive affirmations we discover.

This first series of working together is an investment of £285.

And beyond...

Following this first series, we’ll check in with how you are doing. Life is likely to be feeling very different in awesome ways!

If there is more you’d like to explore, I’ll likely suggest booking in for another series.

Booster sessions are also available to people that I have worked with before – great for a top-up or if things have veered slightly off track.

 Life with more ease is at your fingertips.


Let's talk

Drop me a line to arrange an intro chat.

Your opportunity to ask all the questions.

You’ll be fully supported, whether it’s to do this now, or if you need a bit more time.


What is tapping?

 Tapping and matrix reimprinting are powerful techniques to get you living with more ease, quickly and simply.

My story

 Life is always a work in progress but here I share my experience of tapping.


More questions? Get in touch and let’s get them answered.