Tapping together

I have done hundreds of hours of sessions with women just like you, who are doing their best but finding things tough.

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety in pregnancy, had a difficult birth experience or are feeling totally overwhelmed, I can help.

I work in a variety of different ways so that I can meet you where you are in this moment – deep one-to-one work or tools to tap at home, I’ve got you supported.

Take a look below…

One-to-One | 75-90 minute sessions - £95

One-to-One sessions give you the space to let everything come up that needs to be addressed, to work on memories and trauma together in a deeply supported and personalised way and to release that heavy feeling.

The sessions might focus on a lack of enjoyment in pregnancy, your difficult birth, struggling as a mum, intrusive thoughts, worries and anxiety about your baby – or your own wellbeing.

Maybe you just need some space to process this huge transition.

I’m here to support you with it all. But don’t be fooled – it might sound heavy but the sessions almost always include laughter too!

Working together One-to-One in a totally bespoke way includes:

  • 20 minute free intro chat
  • Guide to EFT Tapping
  • 75-90 minute sessions on zoom
  • Personalised visualisations recorded during the sessions (where helpful and appropriate)
  • Suggestions of Tapping meditations and scripts to use in-between sessions
  • 21 day Tapping Journal (printable) to use after we have completed our work together

Commitment: I ask that you commit to a minimum of three sessions. Through our time together we’ll talk about whether it feels right to go beyond that. The sessions are 75-90 minutes each and I’m likely to invite you to listen to a gorgeous visualisation or do a few minutes of tapping between sessions.

I don’t do “packages”; we work together flexibly according to the support that you would like.

Please book an intro chat so that we can meet and you can ask all the questions before we start.


21 days of tapping | £65

A focused dive into an issue you want to resolve or feel differently about, tapping and journalling with personalised audios everyday for 21 days.

The 21 days of tapping Includes:

  • 30 min lift-off zoom call together, where we chat about the issue you are looking to work through
  • 2x personalised tapping audios, recorded after our call and sent to you
  • 21 day Tapping Journal (printable) to support you as you tap everyday using the audios
  • Regular check ins on WhatsApp over the 21 days

Commitment: A 30 min call and then 5-15 minutes of tapping everyday for 21 days. This will be a game changer!

If you know you would like to work together in this way, you can book directly below. Otherwise reach out for an intro chat to help you decide.

Tapping Meditations | Coming soon!

Bundles of bitesize tapping audios for you to pick up and use in the moment.

Pregnancy | Birth | Postpartum

Email me if you’d like my free tapping meditation for calm and be kept in the loop about the tapping meditation bundles and other tapping news.

A little P.S…

Whilst I specialise in pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I also work with people experiencing anxiety, struggling with grief, wanting to address phobias, low mood, lack of confidence and all sorts. Do reach out if you’re wondering if I might be able to support you.


What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping uses elements of cognitive therapy (the talking) alongside stimulation of acupressure points (the tapping) to reduce stress in the body. 

When we tap, we name and acknowledge our emotions while tapping on certain acupressure points of the body. The tapping sends a signal to the amygdala - the stress centre of the brain - to deactivate the stress reaction (be that fright, flight, freeze, fawn etc), resulting in a letting go, a release of the overwhelming emotions quickly and gracefully.

You are left able to recall the events but without the overwhelming emotions, without the take-over of your body and mind.

Will this be super emotional?

For sure the tapping can be emotional - but as you release the burden of the difficult pregnancy, the horrible birth experience, the low postpartum, whatever it is for you, you will swiftly move into lighter, calmer and more grounded sensations.Maybe even laughter! In one-to-one sessions, we almost always finish with a beautiful visualisation that you can work with between sessions and you have your audios with the 21 days, so you won't be left hanging.

How quickly will the tapping work?

EFT Tapping is often billed as a quick solution, with many "one-hit wonder" anecdotes being told. For sure that can be the case, it's very often a quick therapy as you connect directly with the fright/flight/freeze centre of the brain and in just one session most of the people I work with leave feeling lighter and calmer. But we're also complex human beings and many factors can cause us to hold on tightly to our discomfort (better the devil you know). As we work together, we'll keep talking about how things are, what is changing and what needs still to be addressed. If you are doing the 21 days of tapping and are committed, expect golden results!

Should I do one-to-one or the 21 days?

Book in for an intro chat and we can talk it through. If you know that you are working with traumatic and triggering events then one-to-one might be the better option, but the 21 days can also significantly take the edge off even deep trauma. Think about what commitment you want to make to yourself around this and how you want to feel after the tapping. And let's talk.

Are all sessions on Zoom?

Yes, I work on Zoom exclusively - even before the pandemic this was the case. EFT Tapping lends itself particularly well to online sessions: as you tap on your own accupressure points, you are developing muscle memory so that, when you come to tap on your own, it will feel totally natural.

Let’s talk

You already have so much on your plate and adding tapping into your schedule might feel like a lot.

But my goodness, if you could only meet your future self after the sessions, speak to her and feel how she feels.




She knows she’s doing good.

We know we need to look after ourselves mama. Dare I even say the word self-care…

If you’d like to talk about whether now is the right time (it really might not be), or are curious and would like to know more about tapping, please book in for a chat.

There are various different ways we can work together depending on what you need.

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