Tap into ease

Hello! I'm Zandra...

Hello! I'm Zandra...

I have felt and seen just how powerfully and quickly tapping and matrix re-imprinting can transform how you are feeling – in my own life, in my family and friends’ lives, and the lives of my clients.

When I trained in these techniques, I was so excited to see their ever-growing evidence base. This wasn’t just a magic thing that worked for me and a few others, it made total sense! 

You have so many options available to you in terms of getting the emotional support you need. Everyone deserves to – and totally can – live life with more ease, and tapping is one way to achieve it. Quickly, simply and powerfully.

Read more about me below, get in touch and let’s talk about what might be possible for you.

My story


I came across tapping when going through a time of anxiety in my late 20s. I had a great job, amazing family and friends; life was good. Except it wasn’t feeling anywhere near good, I couldn’t recognise why I was feeling so anxious, feeling sick a lot of the time, not enjoying my life. The only thing I did know was that I wasn’t okay with feeling like this.

I went to my first session with few expectations and left feeling amazed at how transformed I felt after just an hour of tapping and talking. It was emotional; big stuff came up, but it cleared and I felt so calm.

It didn’t take more than three or four sessions for the anxiety to pretty much disappear. I felt great! Back to myself. Living with ease. 


Five years later and I was a few months off getting married.

A HEAP of emotion was coming up about losing my dad to cancer when I was little. Of course losing my dad had a huge impact, but our family had done amazingly, it was a happy life, I hadn’t felt defined by his loss.

So this hit me really hard. I couldn’t see how I was going to keep myself together walking down the aisle, devastated with the thought of spending my reception balling my eyes out in the corner. That’s seriously where I felt I would be. It felt that raw, as if he had died the day before.

Over the course of six or so sessions, I explored (a lot of) old grief, again amazed at how quickly I felt so much stronger and relaxed. It wasn’t easy “going there” but the calm afterwards was incredible. And our wedding day was awesome, pure happiness!

Birth and life

From there, I started using tapping and matrix before reaching total crisis point: through the pregnancy and birth of my two girls; to navigate motherhood (still very much a work in progress!); stress at work; relationships; etc. Life keeps on giving right?!

Worry about birth, loss during pregnancy, birth trauma; these are areas where I’ve seen tapping and matrix work some serious magic. Whether the trauma was extreme or just moments in an outwardly straightforward birth (like mine), releasing these is simply beautiful and can fundamentally change the way you feel, and often the understanding you have with your children.



Having used the technique for years, I trained in 2017. I couldn’t ignore the power of these techniques – they were so incredibly effective and immediate compared to anything I had learnt about or experienced before.

So, I took a break from my job in government to establish my clinic. I’m beyond happy to be able to share how these techniques can transform how you are feeling so quickly, gently and effectively.

I know that pushing on when things don't feel good is exhausting.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a way with more ease, less battle.

Find out about taking the next step. You’ll be supported all the way.