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Supporting you to process and integrate your difficult pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences

Hello, I’m Zandra…

Whether you’re finding pregnancy tough, worrying about birth, had a bad birth eperience or are struggling now the baby is here or way beyond, you can feel so much better than you’re feeling now.

You can get back to strong.

To calm.

To feeling together again.

Working together

One-to-One sessions

One-to-one sessions where we talk and tap together to release stress, worry and any trauma.

These are 75-90 minute sessions where we go deep, and you emerge feeling lighter, calmer and grounded.

21 day tapping journey

Perfect if you’re short on time but looking for a sustained shift in how you are feeling.

We will meet once to talk and you’ll then receive your personalised tapping meditation and journal to use for 21 days, with me supporting you as needed.

Tapping meditations

Tapping meditations that you enjoy at home, choosing what you need in the moment in pregnancy or postnatally.

These are bundles of recorded tapping meditations, focused on different aspects of your motherhood experience.

Becoming a mum is a huge transition that is so often ignored.

“I’ll just get on with it.” 

“Other women seem to be fine so it must just be me.” 

“My birth wasn’t as bad as hers.”

Sound familiar?

This is all part of the self-silencing that we are so good at.

But what if you took a moment to really acknowledge the experiences you’ve had, even the tough ones…

I invite you to grant yourself some kindness and compassion, in the same way that you would your friends.

To let go of the heaviness you’re carrying and feel lighter, calmer, more grounded, less shocked over what happened.

To be able to hear other birth stories without feeling guilt or shame or tearful.

It’s all possible and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can start to feel so fundamentally different.

Areas of expertise

Pregnancy & Birth preparation

Pregancy is supposed to be this time of blooming and connection and it absolutely can be.

But when you’re navigating previous loss, anxiety, feeling absolutely exhausted, maybe struggling with sickness, worrying about the looming birth and how it’s going to play out (hello worst case scenario thinking), it often won’t feel like that.

I support women to explore their expectations, past experiences, fears and niggles during pregancy so that they can truly and deeply enjoy the experience and look forward to the arrival of their baby with peace in their hearts and wombs.

Birth and perinatal trauma

It’s sadly very often the case that you plan and hope for a joyful birth that doesn’t end up feeling good at all. 

And the inner mean mama voice comes in strong: “you should be happy to have the baby here and well; that should be enough”.

But when people ask about your birth or friends tell you of their positive birth experience, you have to hold back the tears and you can feel jealousy in the pit of your stomach.

Maybe the flashbacks are on repeat and your emotions – sadness, anger, guilt – feel so raw. Like you didn’t do enough.

Mama, you did enough.

Through our work together, we’ll explore your experience and do deep release work so that you feel lighter, stronger, and don’t carry the burden of the way it “should” have been.

A sidenote – trauma is different for everyone. One woman’s experience of trauma will be totally different to another’s.  Trauma can be the shitty joke that the doctor cracked just before the c-section, the midwife denying you the epidural you were asking for, the triage nurse telling you to “just go for a walk”, the baby being taken to NICU after being born, the sound of crying on the postnatal ward. I am here to meet you whatever your experience.

Early motherhood

The lack of sleep, the worries about feeding, how your body is recovering, the well meaning but badly judged words from health visitors, family and friends, and possibly worst: the inner mean mama voice telling you that you’re not doing a good enough job, that you are not enough.

It’s a lot and EFT Tapping is a beautiful tool to support you to move through all of these things, to come back to you and your innate motherly intuition.

Or as Glennon Doyle would put it, your knowing.

You are not alone. And you’re doing a good job. I support you to see that and feel that.

Motherhood beyond the first year

I am here to support you through everything that motherhood brings.

The changes in your relationship and family dynamics.

The sense of unease, rising anxiety levels, the low feelings.

The rage you feel when once again you can’t get them out the door on time.

The juggle and the deep exhaustion it brings.

If you just want to feel better. Stronger. Calmer. At peace. EFT Tapping is going to be such an incredible tool for you. 

EFT is a brilliant tool for day to day management of anxiety, panic attacks, pain, or any negative feelings. It quickly identifies core beliefs that are causing us to feel a certain way, or are holding us back from getting what we want – so many clients feel huge benefits in a short time – and these benefits are permanent.

I have personally experienced the impact EFT can have, and now as a practitioner, the impact it has on my clients.

Working closely with Zandra and having had sessions with her myself, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Annabel George


Your next step…

Book in for a 20 minute intro chat and let’s talk.

It’ll help you to get clear on where you are at with your pregancy and birth experience, to work out if now feels like the right time to heal and for both of us to feel into whether I’m the right person to support you.

The calls are usually about 20 minutes and are very chilled.

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